New: single sign-on for your personal portal

Logo Volgjezorg
21 march 2019
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Start of the Online 'Volgjezorg' Campaign

Voorbeeld van banner
31 january 2019
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Personal Portal renewed: giving online permission on Volgjezorg just got easier

Volgjezorg op verschillende devices
9 november 2018
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What do you know about Digital healthcare? Join us for a talk!

5 november 2018
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1 billion messages sent via National Exchange Point

1 miljard
27 march 2018
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Pilot project in Rotterdam: information for hard-to-reach groups

Tekenen samenwerking VZVZ en MeSam
9 february 2018
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AIVD (National Intellegince and Safety Service) has no access to the National Exchange Point: medical data is safe even after the introduction of the new 'Sleepwet' (Wiretapping Bill)

23 november 2017
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Exchange of 'chain-based healthcare data' through the National Exchange Point

22 june 2017
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What happens to my data?

30 march 2017
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Using the National Exchange Point (LSP) for monitoring your medication

2 february 2017
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