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You have given your GP and pharmacist your consent for sharing your most important medical information with other healthcare providers. Of course you want to know what happens to your data. This is possible with the online tracking-overview on Volgjezorg.

On your 'Overview of Exchanged Information' you can see what types of data your doctor and pharmacies share with your other healthcare providers, and since when. You can also see which healthcare providers have requested your data, which types, and when.

You can view and download the 'Overview of Exchanged Information' online through your Personal Portal. But you can also receive paper overview on your home address.

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Do you want to be informed when something happens to your data? Sign up for 'Notifications' in the settings of your Personal Portal. You will receive a notification by e-mail if something happens to your data.

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Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

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