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Healthcare providers can share information about your health with each other electronically. Sharing your medical information is only allowed if this is necessary for your treatment. And only allowed if you have given permission in advance. That is called 'opt in'. If you do not want your data to be shared, indicate 'NO' in your permission form (either online or on the printed form). This is called 'opt out'. You must give permission for each individual healthcare provider. So if you use several pharmacies for your medication, you have to give permission at each of these pharmacies.

How to arrange permission?

You can arrange your permission in three ways:

  • Option 1: Say it to your doctor and pharmacies.
  • Option 2: Give them a completed permission form.
  • Option 3: Arrange your permission online at Volgjezorg*.

Always read the leaflet first.

*You can arrange online by logging in to your 'Personal Portal'. Go to the 'Permissions' tile and follow the instructions.

Please note: you can only arrange online for your GP and pharmacies. They must be connected to Volgjezorg and the National Exchange Point (LSP). You can check whether your GP or pharmacy is connected to the LSP here. If you can't find your healthcare provider, you can fill out a form online and print it. Hand this form to your healthcare provider(s). Or you can say that you want to give permission the next time you visit your healthcare provider.

If you want to give permission to another healthcare provider? For example, a doctor in a hospital? Then discuss this the next time you visit that healthcare provider.

ARrange permission online

Good to know: When you give permission through Volgjezorg, that permission is not immediately active. Your healthcare providers will receive a request from Volgjezorg to process your permission in their system. This can take several days up to a few weeks. In your Personal Portal you can see whether your permission has been processed. If your permission is not been processed after a few weeks, please contact your healthcare provider and ask them to process your permission.

What else can yo do?

Due to the Corona pandemic, a temporary Corona opt-in currently applies.

You can read more information about this temporary arrangement by clicking the button below.

information on the Corona opt-in (Dutch only)



Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

Giving permission