What is chain-based of Integrated healthcare?

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Patients with a chronic condition are treated for a longer period of time. This treatment often requires several special healthcare providers. This is what we call 'chain-based healthcare'. This may be necessary for patients with, for example, diabetes, asthma, COPD, CVRM (cardiovascular risk management) or elderly care. Together with the patient the GP determines who will be involved in the integrated care.

Which healthcare professional are involved?

In integrated healthcare, the GP therefore works with other healthcare providers. Which care providers the GP involves in the treatment depends on the condition(s) of the patient. For example, nurses, medical specialists, psychologists, dieticians, podiatrists, physiotherapists and optometrists.

With your permission, the GP and other healthcare providers can share your data through the National Exchange Point. This allows them to work together better and faster in treating your chronic condition.


integrated healthcare often involves other types of healthcare providers than regular care. That is why separate permission is required for integrated care. You can arrange this permission with your GP.

Good to know: healthcare providers engaged in integrated care can only view the medical data that they need for their part of your treatment.

A special information booklet (Dutch language only) is available for the digital exchange of medical data for integrated care. As a patient, you must have read this booklet containing the special consent form before you give permission. That way you know exactly what you are giving permission for.

Varies by region

The healthcare providers involved in integrated care work together in a so called care group. Each care group can organise integrated care in its own way. As a result, it can differ per region which healthcare providers are involved in integrated care and which medical data are exchanged. If you want to know how integrated care is organised in your region, please check the website of your care group or ask your GP.



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