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23 november 2017

AIVD (National Intellegince and Safety Service) has no access to the National Exchange Point: medical data is safe even after the introduction of the new 'Sleepwet' (Wiretapping Bill)

The AIVD (National Intellegince and Safety Service) has no access to medical data. Even after the introduction of the new Wiv-law, also known as the 'Sleepwet' in Dutch, or Wiretapping Bill. This can be concluded from a statement the AIVD made on its website. VZVZ has requested the AIVD for further clarification.

Recent publications suggested the 'Wiv'-law would enable intelligence services to access medical data from Dutch residents. This raised questions whether the AIVD could gain access to medical data through the National Exchange Point. The AIVD is very clear about this on its website: this is not possible.

According to the legislator intelligence services are not allowed to access or hack medical data. The AIVD gives extensive and negative answers to the question on whether they are interested in medical data.

VZVZ has demonstrated it complies with all existing laws and regulations. It closely keeps track of developments in order to continue to comply with legislation in the future. This way the more than 12 million Dutch residents who have given permission for sharing their medical data, can be certain their medical information is safe when it is being exchanged. Both now and in the future.



Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

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