Which data is shared?

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With your permission, your GP and / or your pharmacist(s) may share some information from your medical file.

Table 1 below provides a brief overview of which data can be shared. Below the table you will find more information about this data.

Table 1
Which data can be exchanged through the National Exchange Point (LSP)?  
  • A summary of part of your file with the general practitioner or doctor for the mentally handicapped.
  • Information about intolerance to some medication, your allergies and contraindications (the so-called ICA data).
  • Information about medication prescribed for you. And medication you have picked up at the pharmacy or was provided to you.
  • Transfer data (the report from a medical specialist to another doctor).
  • Laboratory and test results,
  • A summary of the consultation at the GP post / after hours medical centre.


Good to know: if a GP is mentioned, this also includes a doctor for the mentally handicapped.

Information from your GP file

Your GP does not share your entire medical file. The part of the file that the GP shares is called the Professional Summary (also known as 'PS'). It contains the most important current information about your health, such as:

  • Your current health problems.
  • Information about the contacts with your GP in the last four months.
  • Recent measurements and test results.
  • The medication your doctor has prescribed for you.
  • The medication you have received (or picked up) from the pharmacy.
  • Information about allergies and hypersensitivity to certain medicines.
  • Details that are important for an acting GP.
Data from your medication file

Your medication file at your pharmacist(s) contains:

  • The medication you received.
  • Your intolerances, contraindications and allergies (ICA-data).

Other healthcare providers can see this information if it is necessary for your treatment. But they do not see all the information. What they see depends on their precise occupation. For example, a doctor at the after hours medical centre will see different data than a pharmacist.

Special attention regarding the Corona opt-in: Tell your allergies on admission

Both the GP and the pharmacy can include a patient's ICA-data in their file. (ICA-data: intolerances, contraindications and allergies

ICA-data may be missing

Due to the Corona crisis, the temporary Corona opt-in currently applies. This means that even if you have not yet given permission, a doctor at the after hours medical centre or emergency department (A&E) can view your data. But this data does not include ICA data.


It is therefore very important for you to tell the acting physician at the after hours medical centre or the emergency department your allergies.



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