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9 november 2018

Personal Portal renewed: giving online permission on Volgjezorg just got easier

At the beginning of this summer, we greatly improved the personal portal on Volgjezorg. This autumn we took another step to improve the user-friendliness of Volgjezorg. And even more improvements are coming.
Volgjezorg op verschillende devices

Giving permission just got easier and is now also mobile-friendly
Giving permission online has gotten easier. The biggest improvement is that this section of the Personal Portal can now also be used on a mobile phone. The layout has been improved, and a clear step-by-step plan has been added so that you can see how far you are in the process.

Also possible: revoke only ONE permission
You can always revoke your permission by telling this to your healthcare provider, or by handing them a permission form with a 'NO'. But you can also do this through Volgjezorg, and this has just been made easier.

The whole Personal Portal is now in English
Giving permission was already possible in English, but now the whole Personal Portal has been translated into English.

The next step
When you want to give or revoke permission from the dashboard in your Personal Portal it is still necessary to login again using DigiD with SMS or the DigiD app. We are working hard to realise the so-called 'single sign-on' before the end of this year, which will enable you to to manage everything in your Personal Portal by only logging in once.

What can you do in your Personal Portal?
Using your Personal Portal (after logging in with DigiD + SMS / app) you can manage your permissions, or see which healthcare providers have requested your medical data, and when.

If you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, feel free to contact us through



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