22 june 2017

Exchange of 'chain-based healthcare data' through the National Exchange Point

Two pilots started in May and June for the digital exchange of medical data for 'chain-based healthcare' using the National Exchange Point. The first pilot is in the West Friesland-region. Participants in this pilot are the Zorggroep Ketenzorg West Friesland and six general practitioners. The second pilot is in Friesland with Zorggroep Friesland and twelve GPs. In the coming months participants In both regions will test the digital exchange of chain healthcare data through the National Switching Point (LSP). Of course with the express consent of the volunteer patients.

What is 'Chain-based healthcare'?
Patients with chronic diseases need treatment for a longer period of time. Multiple healthcare providers may be involved in this treatment. This is called 'chain care'. This may be necessary for patients with for instance diabetes, asthma or COPD. Or for patients with cardiovascular disease or an increased chance of getting such a disease. Based on their ailments and the treatment needed, the GP will plan the chain care for the patient in consultation with the patient. Which healthcare providers the GP engages in the treatment, depends on the patient's condition. In these pilots, In addition to the GPs, medical specialists (ophthalmologist, lung physician, internist), nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians will be involved.

Exchanging chain-based healthcare data
The GP and other healthcare providers involved in the care of the patient with a chronic condition should work well together in the entire treatment process. That is why it is important that they all have access to the patient's medical data. Only then will they know the patient's current state of health when they see him for treatment. In order to keep each other well informed, they can share the patient's medical data using the National Exchange Point. The chain healthcare providers can only see the patient's medical data they need for their part of the treatment.

National Exchange Point
The GP and other healthcare providers involved in the patient's chain-based healthcare can share the necessary medical data through the National Switching Point (LSP). But they may only do so if patients have given their explicit consent. Patient can do this with their GP. From the beginning of July, patients can follow the exchange of their chain-based healthcare data through the National Switching Point using the online tracking-overview.



I did not yet give permission to share my data

Giving permission