Frequently Asked Questions

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Volgjezorg's Personal Portal uses a filter that blocks log-in attempts from certain countries. That is why it is only possible to log in to your Personal Portal from countries that fall within Western Europe. If you are using a VPN connection, check to see if your VPN location is within Western Europe. From these countries it is also possible to log in: Morocco, Poland, Surinam and Turkey.

There can be various causes if you have difficulty logging in. The Personal Portal may be temporary unavailable. But maybe something else is wrong.

The most common error message is a message in your browser that your internet connection is not secure / private. This mainly occurs with tablets, mobile phones or computers with outdated software. For example, devices with Android versions lower than 5.1 or computers with Windows XP.

Check the security level or try another browser

Open this link Here you can test and see whether your browser supports the correct security protocols. In the table on the website, TLS 1.2 or 1.3 must be marked with a 'YES'.

If you see a 'NO', please try the same security test using a different browser than you are currently using. Such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Chrome.

If you see a 'YES', but still have problems logging in, try one of the following tips:


  1. Check the time and date of your device and make sure it is correct. If the date and time on your device do not correspond with the real date and time, you could get messages relating to privacy / security errors.
  2. Restart your (WiFi) modem and / or router by disconnecting it from the power supply for a few minutes and then reconnecting it.
  3. Try logging in using an 'Incognito' / 'Privacy' tab in your browser. Most plug-ins in your browser will be temporarily disabled.
  4. Empty the cache memory of your browser.
  5. If possible, try logging in on another device.
  6. Scan your device using antivirus software.
  7. Check if you are using a secure WiFi connection.
  8. If all else fails, try logging in later.

What to do if problems persist and you still need help?

If none of the tips work, please contact us via Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • your name, and how we may contact you;
  • date and time of the error message;
  • a screenshot of the error message;
  • a description of the device you are using (computer / tablet / mobile phone);
  • the brand and type / model of your device;
  • the operating system on your device (Android, Windows, Apple iOS) and the version and / or security patch on your device;
  • and, if applicable, which antivirus software (and version) or (privacy)plug-ins you use.

With this information we can ask our system administrators to find a solution.

When using Volgjezorg additional security for DigiD is mandatory. Because you can view privacy-sensitive information you will need to log in using DigiD with SMS-code or the DigiD-app. That way we can determine you are the person who is allowed to access your data, and no one can take advantage of the data.

  • Log into Volgjezorg and enter your user name and password in the DigiD-screen
  • You will receive an sms-code on your phone
  • Enter the code in the DigiD-screen
  • You will be redirected automatically to Volgjezorg.

The sms-messages are free of charge. Your phone number will only be used for DigiD verification and will never be passed on to other organisations.

If you are not yet using sms-verification for your DigiD, see DigiD for how to activate this feature.

  • Log into Volgjezorg and enter your user name in the DigiD-screen
  • Open the DigiD-app on your mobile phone and scan the QR-code
  • Enter your pin number on your mobile phone
  • You will be automatically redirected to Volgjezorg.

If you are not yet using the DigiD-app, see DigiD to help you activate the app.

Even if you do not have a mobile phone, you can use the SMS feature. You will receive a spoken text message on your land-line / home phone. Please visit the DigiD-website for more information.

On the DigiD-website you can find more information under the 'Frequently asked questions'.



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