How do I now which healthcare providers have accessed my children's medical data?

On Volgjezorg you can request a tracking overview for your children. To request a tracking overview fill out an application form. The tracking overview will then sent to you by post. For children up to twelve years old, only one parent (or other legal representative) has to sign the application form. For children between the ages of twelve to sixteen, both a parent (or other legal representative) and the child must sign the application form. Children sixteen years and older need te request a tracking overview themselves.

How do I know which healthcare providers have accessed my medical data?

This can be seen in your tracking overview in your Personal Portal. You can request and see the tracking overview online through Volgjezorg, or fill out an application form. Your tracking overview will then be sent to you by post.

Do I have access to my own medical data through Volgjezorg?

No, you cannot access your own medical data through Volgjezorg. This website does not have access to your medical data. As a patient, you always have the right to see your own medical data. Ask your healthcare providers for insight in your medical records. Through Volgjezorg you can keep track of what happens to your medical data when healthcare providers exchange or access them through the National Exchange Point.