Experiences of patients

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Jaap Glasbergen

“The patient receives better care using the LSP’’

Jaap Glasbergen has had esophageal cancer. He needed treatment from various hospitals. "More and more hospitals are specialised in certain disciplines. Every time I came to another hospital, there was no file on me. Various test had to be redone. And many questions were asked over and over again. And requesting information from one hospital and sending it to another takes a long time. It costs more money and it is inefficient, I think."
Jaap Glasbergen

Wrong medication
"The same is applicable to pharmacies. I always pick up my medication with my own pharmacy in Den Bosch. But my operation was in Eindhoven. The pharmacy in the hospital there did not have my current medication data. As a consequence I received the wrong medication and lost unconsciousness when I came home.

Giving consent
In one of the hospitals I saw a card about volgjezorg.nl. I immediately gave my permission to share my medical data electronically. The patient receives better care using the when healthcare providers use The National Exchange Point.

Recently I was on a short vacation. I was suffering from autonomic dysfunction of my esophagus. The acting GP in the town (in The Netherlands) I was staying in, could not see any of my medical data. I had to tell him my whole story again. Which was quite annoying in my condition. I hope in the future it will be possible for me to indicate I want my medical data shared throughout The Netherlands."



Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

Giving permission