Your GP and pharmacist may share your medical information with other healthcare practitioners after your permission. You can ask them whether they have processed your permission and made your data available to other healthcare providers through the National Exchange Point. You can also see a tracking overview in your Personal Portal. With this overview you can see which healthcare providers have made your medical data available.

No. No medical data is stored in the National Exchange Point. That data stays in the computer systems of your GP and pharmacies. The National Exchange Point only contains a reference index with Civic Service Numbers (BSNs). Based on your BSN, your healthcare provider can search through this reference index and see which other healthcare providers have provided medical information about you.

Certainly not. Participation is voluntary for everyone. Patients themselves decide whether they want to give their GP and pharmacies permission to share their medical data. Healthcare providers determine whether they want to connect to the National Exchange Point, or not.

No. You have to give permission to your GP and pharmacists only once. With your permission they can make your medical data available to other healthcare providers. Other healthcare providers do not need permission for accessing your data.

No, you cannot access your own medical data through Volgjezorg. This website does not have access to your medical data. As a patient, you always have the right to see your own medical data. Ask your healthcare providers for insight in your medical records. Through Volgjezorg you can keep track of what happens to your medical data when healthcare providers exchange or access them through the National Exchange Point.

Volgjezorg is a website for anyone who uses the Dutch healthcare system and visits healthcare providers like a GP, pharmacy or medical specialist. On Volgjezorg, you can control your permission for the exchange of your medical data by your healthcare providers. They can share your data through the specially developed and secured National Exchange Point (LSP). On Volgjezorg you can track what happens to your data through the National Switching Point. You can see which data are available, who has accessed them, and when. If your data is accessed you can even get a notification. This way you are always informed.



Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

Giving permission