Which healthcare providers?

You have given permission for the exchange of your medical data through the National Exchange Point. Which healthcare providers can your view information from your GP-file, and which can see your medication file?

Your GP-file

Only acting GPs can view information from your doctor. For example if you come to the after-hours medical centre. Or if you visit an acting GP. Other healthcare providers cannot view this information.


Your medication file

Healthcare providers who can view the medication dossier from your pharmacy / pharmacies are:

  • The (acting) GP.
  • Other (service) pharmacies.
  • Medical specialists (in hospitals and other affiliated healthcare institutions).


Who cannot view your data?

Other healthcare providers, such as a company doctor, (company) health and safety officer, health insurance companies, and the government cannot connect to the National Exchange Point. And without it they cannot access any of your medical data.


Is your healthcare provider connected to the National Exchange Point?

Use the form below to see whether your healthcare provider is connected to the National Exchange Point.

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