Which data?

With your permission, your GP and / or your pharmacist(s) may share some information from your medical file.

Your GP-file

The part of the file that your GP is sharing, is called the Professional Summary (PS). It contains the most up-to-date information about your health:

  • Your current health problems ("Open Episodes").
  • Information about the contacts with your GP in the last four months ("Journal List").
  • Current statistics and results from test, within the journal.
  • The medication your doctor has prescribed.
  • Medication you have received from the pharmacy
  • Information on allergies and hypersensitivities to medication.
  • Details important to an acting GP.


Your medication file

Your medication file at your pharmacist(s) contains:

  • The medication you received.
  • Your intolerances, contraindications and allergies (ICA-data).

Other healthcare providers can see this information if it is necessary for your treatment. But they do not see all the information. What they see depends on their precise occupation.

Want to shield some data?

If you give permission, you are not obliged to share all your medical information. You may want to keep some information private and just between yourself and your own healthcare provider. Of course this is possible. You can discuss this with your healthcare provider and tell them to shield parts of your file. Other healthcare providers who view your data will not see this shielded information.

Note: healthcare providers viewing your data will not know some information was shielded. They can thus miss important information that they need for your proper care. Please discuss this with your doctor and pharmacist.



Ik heb nog geen toestemming gegeven om mijn medische gegevens te delen

Giving permission