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Which documents are necessary for revoking your permission, depends on your situation:
If you want a tracking-overview by post or you want to revoke your permission? Then we need some additional documents. Which documents are required depends on your situation: Is it for yourself? Is it for a child up to 16 years old? Or is it for someone who is mentally incapacitated?

You want to revoke your own permission or request a tracking-overview for yourself:

  • Send a copy of a valid identity document (ID). For example, a copy of a passport, Dutch identity card, Dutch driving license, moped certificate (AM-category) or special ID for asylum seekers. When using a modern driver's license (ATM-card format) a copy of both the front and back is required. Make sure your Civic Service Number (BSN) is clearly visible.
  • If your ID does not contain a BSN, please send a copy of a document containing both your name and your BSN (such as a health insurance card).

Revoking permission as a parent / guardian requesting a tracking-overview for a child up to 16 years old:

In addition to the documents listed above, also send the following documents:

  • Proof of authority. For parents this can be a birth certificate or an excerpt from the birth register. For a legal guardian a copy of an excerpt from the authority register is needed. Because Volgjezorg is not a government agency, we cannot check the authority relationship with children with the Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie Persoonsgegevens (GBA - Municipal Civil Registration Office). Therefore you have to submit documents yourself.
  • If the child's BSN is not listed on this document? Please send a copy of the child's ID or another document featuring child's BSN (such as a health insurance card).

Revoking permission or requesting a tracking-overview as a mentor / curator:

If you fill out a form as mentor or curator for someone who is mentally incapacitated, please also send a copy of the court order that shows that you are the mentor or curator.

Please make sure that:

  • Your ID is valid.
  • The copies of your documents are legible.
  • Using a modern driver's license (ATM-card format), a copy of both the front and back is required..
  • The form has been signed. Children 12 to 16 years old must also sign the form.
  • Your signature is legible and corresponds to the signature on your ID.

Submitting the form and documents:

Send the form with the copy of your ID and the other documents (if required) in one envelope to:

Postbus 159
2260 AD Leidschendam



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